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Bộ trung tâm báo động thông minh JABLOTRON JA-100KR

Mã sản phẩm: JA-100KR

Bộ trung tâm báo động thông minh JABLOTRON JA-100KR

Bảo hành: Nhà sản xuất

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

0932 035 989   để được hỗ trợ giá chiết khấu tốt nhất.

-Bộ trung tâm báo động thông minh JA-100KR với tích hợp kết nối mạng LAN và radio module.

-The system JABLOTRON-100 has been tested according to EN 50131 class 2 and combines all the advantages of a wireless alarm system with bus technology and a safe web server-based communication. 

-It is ideally suited for projects with numerous system components, many users and several security areas. 

-The installation can either be realised solely with wireless technology or bus technology or a combination of wireless/bus hybrid technology. For wireless transmission, the system uses the particularly narrow-band and safe wireless transmission in the frequency range 868 MHz.

-This alarm system features a clearly arranged setup and a unique controlling and operating concept.

-Separate on and off buttons allow for an easy operation, even with complex systems. 

-The comprehensive traffic light display allows to easily identify the status of the system.

The system can be accessed via smartphone as standard. After registering with the web service, extensive control functions are available. 

-This service is free of charge. However, permanent Internet connection is required. Due to remote access via smartphone or PC, it is possible to request the status of the system or control connected devices, e.g. regulating the heating system or similar from a distance (home automation).

-Matching control panels: JA-110E (bus) and JA-150E (wireless)

-Number of addresses/loops (wireless and bus): 32 max.

-External power supply: 230 V/50 Hz.

-Energy supply: type A (EN 50131-6).

-Current consumption: 85 mA in standby, 125 mA during alarm.

-Maximum bus power supply with continuous load: 400 mA.

-Maximum intermittent output current (5 minutes): 1 A.

-Matching rechargeable backup battery NPA-12/2 ( DC 12 V/2.2 Ah) available at option.

-Operating frequency of JA-110R, bidirectional Jablotron protocol, 868 MHz.

-Event reports: approx. 7 million events including date and time

-Alarm verification via second detector or via adjustable and time-delayed response of the same detector (optional setting).


Thông số kỹ thuật

DescriptionAlarm control panel with integrated LAN communication module and wireless module
Connections1 connection for wireless module (JA-111R)
1 x 4 GB memory card for internal storage of event data
1 terminal strip for bus connection
1 x LAN (RJ45)
1 x USB
1 plug-in connection for analogue communication module
Power supply230 V/50 Hz
Dimensions268 x 225 x 83 mm
Weight1.450 kg

-Xuất xứ tại Czech Rep, EU.

-Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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Radio module trong bộ trung tâm JABLOTRON JA-110R


Radio module rời JABLOTRON JA-111R


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Email     : kinhdoanh@thongminhso.com
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